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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

May 21, 2021

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news, including a new AI website from the White House at, which provides a variety of resources on recent reports, news, key US agencies, and other information. The U.S. Navy destroys a surface vessel using a swarm of drones (in combination with other weapons) for the first time. The NYPD announces the retirement of its Boston Dynamics robot dog (Digidog) due to negative public reaction at its use. The French Defence Ministry releases a report on the Integration of Autonomy into Lethal Weapon Systems. A paper in Digital Medicine examines the use of decision-aids in clinical settings. Matt Ginsberg (along with the Berkeley NLP Group) develops Dr. Fill, an algorithm that won this year’s American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, with three total errors. And the University of Glasgow publishes research on using return echoes over time to render a 3D image of an environment. Researchers use MRI and machine learning to identify brain activation configurations for 12 different cognitive tasks. Facebook AI Research, Inria, and Sorbonne publish research on emerging properties of self-supervised vision transformers, which includes the ability to segment objects with no supervision or segmentation-targeted objectives. Florian Jaton publishes The Constitution of Algorithms: Ground-Truthing, Programming, Formulation, which examines how algorithms come to be. Melanie Mitchell publishes a paper on Why AI Is Harder Than We Think. And UneeQ creates a Digital Einstein for people to interact with.

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