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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Jul 26, 2019

Andy and Dave discuss a scathing report on Scotland Yard’s facial recognition software, which researchers at the University of Essex found to have an 81% error rate (but that the Met Police say has an error rate of 0.1%). In related news, Axon announced that it will ban the use of facial recognition systems on its devices; Axon supplies 47 of the 69 largest police agencies in the U.S. with body cameras and software. DARPA announces IDAS, the Intent-Defined Adaptive Software (IDAS), in an attempt to reduce the need for manual software modifications. NIST posts the first draft guideline for developing AI technical standards. Elon Musk says that its Neuralink is almost ready for the first human volunteers; Neuralink uses ultrafine threads that can be implanted into the brain to detect the activity of neurons. And the Bank of England announced that Alan Turing will be on the new Fifty Pounds note. In research, Andy and Dave discuss Pluribus, the latest AI for multiplayer poker from CMU and Facebook AI, which won during a 12-day poker marathon in 6-player no-limit Texas hold’em; the AI runs on two Intel processors and a “modest” 128GB during play.