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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Sep 27, 2019

Andy and Dave discuss research from DeepMind, University College London, and Oxford, that shows that human mental replay spontaneously reorganizes experience, implied by abstract knowledge, and which further suggests AI could use this approach to learn and improve. In other research, adversarial triggers cause natural language processing algorithms (such as GPT-2) to generate incorrect sentiment analysis, or to generate racist output (even in non-racial contexts). And researchers from Dalian, Peng Cheng, and City University of Hong Kong create a segmentation method for visual classifiers to identify and processes mirrors and reflective surfaces, which may otherwise cause confusing results. FutureGrasp provides a report on an overview of State initiatives in AI. An article in nature examines the global landscape of AI ethics guidelines. Patrick Walker pens War Without Oversight: Challenges to the Deployment of Autonomous Weapon Systems. Springer Nature publishes “the first research book generated using machine learning,” on lithium-ion batteries. Henrik Saetra publishes The Ghost in the Machine, on what it means to be human in the age of AI/ML. The Alife 2019 conference provides open access to its 2019 proceedings. And Mackmyra Whisky announces the world’s first AI-created whisky.

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