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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

May 10, 2019

Professor Jennifer McArdle, Assistant Professor of Cyber Defense at Salve Regina University, joins Andy and Dave for a discussion on AI and machine learning. Jenny is leading a group of graduate students who are working on creating a strategic-level primer on AI, particularly aimed at those who may be less familiar with the technical aspects, as well as a War on the Rocks article on AI in training and synthetic environments. Her students are studying in a variety of areas, including cyber defense and digital forensics, cyber and synthetic training, cyber intelligence, healthcare and healthcare administration, and administrative justice. Graduate students Mackenzie Mandile and Saurav Chatterjee also join for a discussion on their research topics. In the photo (from left to right): Maria Hendrickson, Gabrielle Cusano, Abigail Verille, Erin Rorke, (John Cleese), Saurav Chatterjee, Allegra Graziano, Santiago Durango, Eric Baucke, Mackenzie Mandile, Dave Broyles, Jennifer McArdle, Andy Ilachinski, John Crooks, (Getafix), and Lt. Col. David Lyle.