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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Dec 16, 2022

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, including the release of the US National Defense Authorization Act for FY2023, which includes over 200 mentions of “AI” and many more requirements for the Department of Defense. DoD has also awarded its cloud-computing contracts, not to one company, but four – Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. At the end of November, the San Francisco Board voted to allow the police force to use robots to administer deadly force, however, after a nearly immediate response from a “No Killer Robots” campaign, in early December the board passed a revised version of the policy that prohibits police from using robots to kill people. Israeli company Elbit unveils its LANIUS drone, a “drone-based loitering munition” that can carry lethal or non-lethal payloads, and appears to have many functions similar to the ‘slaughter bots,’ except for autonomous targeting. Neuralink shows the latest updates on its research for putting a brain chip interface into humans, with demonstrations of a monkey manipulating a mouse cursor with its thoughts; the company also faces a federal investigation into possible animal-welfare violations. DeepMind publishes AlphaCode in Science, a story that we covered back in February. DeepMind also introduces DeepNash, an autonomous agent that can play Stratego. OpenAI unleashes ChatGPT, a spin-off of GPT-3 optimized for answering questions through back-and-forth dialogue. Meanwhile, Stack Overflow, a website for programmers, temporarily banned users from sharing responses generated by ChatGPT, because the output of the algorithm might look good, but it has “a high rate of being incorrect.” Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science demonstrate that, with a simple neural network, it is possible to reconstruct a “large portion” of the actual training samples. NOMIC provides an interactive map to explore over 6M images from Stable Diffusion.  Steve Coulson creates “AI-assisted comics” using Midjourney. Stay tuned for AI Debate 3 on 23 December 2022. And the video of the week from Ricard Sole at the Santa Fe Institute explores mapping the cognition space of liquid and solid brains.