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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Dec 3, 2021

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, [0:53] starting with OpenAI’s announcement that it is making GPT-3 generally available through its API (though developers still require approval for production-scale applications). [3:09] For DARPA’s Gremlins program, two Gremlin Air Vehicles “validated all autonomous formation flying positions and safety features,” and one of the autonomous aircraft demonstrated airborne recovery to a C-130. [4:54] After three years, DARPA announces the winners of its Subterranean Robot Challenge, awarding prizes for teams operating in the “real-world” in virtual space. [7:03] The Defense Information Systems Agency released its Strategic Plan for 2022 through 2024, which includes plans to employ AI capabilities for defensive cyber operations. [8:08] The Department of Defense announces a new cloud initiative to replace the failed JEDI contract, with invitations to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle to bid. [11:52] In research, DeepMind, Google Brain, and World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik join forces to peer into the guts of AlphaZero, with initial results showing strong evidence for the existence of “human-understandable concepts of surprising complexity” within the neural network. [17:48] Andrea Roli, Johannes Jaeger, and Stu Kauffman pen a white paper on how organisms come to know the world, and from these observations, derive fundamental limits on artificial general intelligence. [20:34] MIT Press makes available an elementary introduction to Bayesian Models of Perception and Action, by Wei Ji Ma, Konrad Paul Kording, and Daniel Goldreich. [23:40] And finally, Sam Bendett and Jeff Edmonds drop by for a chat on the latest and greatest in Russian AI and Autonomy – including an update on recent military expos and other AI-related events happening in Russia.