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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Jun 17, 2022

CNA colleagues Kaia Haney and Heather Roff join Andy and Dave to discuss Responsible AI. They discuss the recent Inclusive National Security seminar on AI and National Security: Gender, Race, and Algorithms. The keynote speaker, Elizabeth Adams spoke on the challenges that society faces in integrating AI technologies in an inclusive fashion, and she identified ways in which consumers of AI-enabled products can ask questions and engage on the topic of inclusivity and bias. The group also discusses a variety of topics around the many challenges that organizations face in operationalizing these ideas, including a revisit of the findings from recent medical research, which found an algorithm was able to identify the race of a subject from x-rays and CAT scans, even with identifying features removed.


Inclusive National Security Series: AI and National Security: Gender, Race and Algorithms

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