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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Oct 30, 2020

In COVID-related AI news, Andy and Dave discuss the COVID-19 Grand Challenge from In non-COVID AI news, the Department of Defense releases its Data Strategy. The Defense Science Board publishes a report on Counter Autonomy. The National Security Commission on AI releases its 3rd Quarter interim report and recommendations. The Center for Security and Emerging Technology releases a report on Building Trust through Testing. And the US Patent and Trademark Office publishes the responses to its initial queries, in Public Views on AI and Intellectual Property Policy. Researchers from MIT and Berkeley explore the idea that children’s learning has analogy to hacking, by making code better through an open-ended set of goals and activities. Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth release the State of AI Report 202, which examines the latest developments in AI research across a variety of areas (such as observing that only 15% of papers publish their code). And Taylor and Dorin publish Rise of the Self-Replicators: Early Visions of Machines, AI and Robots that Reproduce and Evolve.

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