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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Oct 12, 2018

Andy and Dave discuss an online essay by Tim Dutton, which summarizes the AI strategies that nations have published in the last year and a half. Sentient Investment Management announces plans to liquidate its hedge fund that used AI to forecast investment strategies. IBM spearheads effort to create standards for AI developers to demonstrate the fairness of their AI algorithms, through a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. Google announces an Unrestricted Adversarial Examples Challenge, with “birds versus bicycles,” where applicants can either submit a defender (an image classifier that will resist adversarial attacks) or submit an attacker (an adversarial attack that attempts to make the defender declare a confident, incorrect answer). The Drone Racing League announces a new competition for teams developing AI pilots for drone racing.  And DARPA announces research that has allowed a paralyzed man to send (and receive) signals for three drones simultaneously, through a surgically-implanted microchip in the brain.