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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Jan 31, 2020

In a string of related news items on facial recognition, Andy and Dave discuss San Diego’s reported experiences with facial recognition over the last 7 years (coming to an end on 1 January 2020 with the enacting of California’s ban on facial recognition for law enforcement).  Across the Atlantic, the European Union is considering a ban on facial recognition in public spaces for 5 years while it determines the broader implications. And the New York Times puts the spotlight on Clearview AI, a company that claims to have billions of photos of people scraped from the web, and that identify people (and the sources of the photos, to include profiles and other information about the individuals) within seconds. In other news, the JAIC is looking for public input on an upcoming AI study, and it is also looking for help in applying machine learning to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. In research, Google announces that it has developed a “physics free” model for short-term local precipitation forecasting. And researchers at DeepMind and Harvard find experimental evidence that dopamine neurons in the brain may predict rewards in a distributional way (with insight gained from efforts in optimizing reinforcement-learning algorithms). Nature Communications examines the role of AI, whether positive or negative, in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The U.S. National Science Board releases its biennial report on Science and Engineering Indicators. The MIT Deep Learning Series has Lex Fridman speaking on Deep Learning State of the Art (and as a bonus, Andy recommends a video of Fridman interviewing Daniel Kahneman, author of “Thinking, Fast and Slow”). GPT-2 wields its sword and dashed bravely into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. And GPT-2 tries its hand at chess, knowing nothing about the rules, with surprising results.

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