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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Apr 27, 2018

Andy and Dave start this week’s podcast with a review of some of the latest announcements: the latest meeting of the UN Convention on Certain Convention Weapons, SecDef Mattis’s announcement of a new joint program office for AI, a declaration of cooperation on AI by 25 European countries, and a UK Parliament report on AI. They then discuss the latest Center for the Study of the Drone report, which compares U.S. Dept of Defense drone spending for FY19 with FY18. The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab has launched a “Moments in Time” dataset, the first steps toward building a large and robust set of short videos for action classification purposes. Google has increased the quality of its AI in picking voices out of a noisy room, by making use of additional information (here, video). And Google has introduce a way to “talk to books;” Andy and Dave were a bit underwhelmed, but check it out and judge for yourself. Finally, Andy and Dave close with a selection of whimsical comments from the news, and a selection of videos.