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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Mar 16, 2018

Larry Lewis, Director of CNA’s Center for Autonomy and AI, sits in for Dave this week, as he and Andy discuss: a recent report that not all Google employees are happy with Google’s partnership with DoD (in developing a drone-footage-analyzing AI); research efforts designed to lift the lid – just a bit - on the so-called “black box” reasoning of neural-net-based AIs; some novel ways of getting robots/AIs to teach themselves; and an arcade-playing AI that has essentially “discovered” that if you can’t win at the game, it is best to either kill yourself or cheat. The podcast ends with a nod to a new free online AI resource offered by Google, another open access book (this time on the subject of Robotics), and a fascinating video of Stephen Wolfram of Mathematica fame, lecturing about artificial general intelligence and the “computational universe” to a computer science class at MIT.