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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

May 20, 2022

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, starting with the European Parliament adopting the final recommendations of the Special Committee on AI in a Digital Age (AIDA), finding that the EU should not always regulate AI as a technology, but use intervention proportionate to the type of risk, among other recommendations [1:31]. Synchron enrolled the first patient in the U.S. clinical trial of its brain-computer interface, Stentrode, which does not require drilling into the skull or open brain surgery; it is, at present, the only company to receive FDA approval to conduct clinical trials of a permanently implanted BCI [4:14]. MetaAI releases its 175B parameter transformer for open use, Open Pre-trained Transformers (OPT), to include the codebase used to train and deploy the model, and their logbook of issues and challenges [6:25].  In research, DeepMind introduces Gato, a “single generalist agent,” which with a single set of weights, is able to complete over 600 tasks, including chatting, playing Atari games, captioning images, and stacking blocks with a robotic arm; one DeepMind scientist used the results to claim that “the game is over” and it’s all about scale now, to which others that using massive amounts of data as a substitute for intelligence is perhaps “alt intelligence [8:48].” In the opinion essay of the week, Steve Johnson pens “AI is mastering language, should we trust what it says [18:07]?” Daedalus’s Spring 2022 issue focuses on AI and Society, with nearly 400 pages and over 25 essays on a variety of AI-related topics [19:06]. And finally, Professor Ido Kanter from Bar-Ilan University joins to discuss his latest neuroscience research, which suggests a new model for how neurons learn, using dendritic branches [20:48].

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