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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Apr 23, 2021

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news, including the National Intelligence Council’s 7th Edition Global Trends 2040 Report, which sprinkles the importance of AI and ML throughout future trends. A BuzzFeed report claims that the NYPD has misled the public about its use of the facial recognition tool, Clearview AI, having run over 5100 searches with the tool.  European Activist Groups ask the European Commission to ban facial recognition completely, with calls to protect “fundamental rights” in Europe. A report in Digital Medicine examines the diagnostic accuracy of deep learning in medical imaging studies, and calls for an immediate need to develop AI guidelines. Neuralink demonstrates the latest with its brain-computer interface device with a demonstration that shows a monkey playing Pong with his brain. And the Director of the JAIC, Lt Gen Groen, and the co-chair of the NSCAI, Bob Work, spoke for about an hour on the use and direction of AI in the Department of Defense. In research, Andrew Jones examines how different parameters scale with board games, identifying the scaling of scaling laws. Research for AIST, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Tokyo Denki University demonstrate that they can pre-train a CNN using no natural images, but instead using digital images created using fractals. In the paper of the week, Ben Goertzel provides his general theory of general intelligence. And the fun site of the week features the 1996 game, “Creatures,” with a look into the AI that made them come alive.

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