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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Sep 25, 2020

In COVID-related AI news, another concerning report, this time in Nature Medicine, found “serious concerns” with 20,000 studies on AI systems in clinical trials, with many reporting only the best-case scenarios; in response, an international consortium has developed CONSORT-AI, reporting guidelines for clinical trials involving AI. In Nature, an open dataset provides a collection and overview of governmental interventions in response to COVID-19. In regular AI news, the DoD wraps up its 2020 AI Symposium. And the White House nominates USMC Maj. Gen. Groen to lead the JAIC. The latest report from the NIST shows that facial recognition technology still struggles to identify people of color. Portland, Oregon passes the toughest ban on facial recognition technology in the US. And The Guardian uses GPT-3 to generate some hype. In research, OpenAI demonstrates the ability to apply transformer-based language models to the task of automated theorem proving. Research from Berkeley, Columbia, and Chicago proposes a new test to measure a text model’s multitask accuracy, with 16,000 multiple choice questions across 57 task areas. A report from AI Now takes a look at regulating biometrics, which includes tech such as facial recognition. And the 37th International Conference on Machine Learning makes its proceedings available online.

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