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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Apr 8, 2022

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI news and research, including DoD’s 2023 budget for research, engineering, development, and testing at $130B, around 9.5% higher than the previous year. DARPA announces the “In the Moment” (ITM) program, which aims to create rigorous and quantifiable algorithms for evaluating situations where objective ground truth is not available. The European Parliament’s Special Committee on AI in a Digital Age (AIDA) adopts its final recommendations, though the report is still in draft (including that the EU should not regulate AI as a technology, but rather focus on risk). Other EP committees debated the proposal for an “AI Act” on 21 March, and included speakers such as Tegmark, Russell, and many others. The OECD AI Policy Observatory provides an interactive visual database of national AI policies, initiatives, and strategies. In research, a brain implant allows a fully paralyzed patient to communicate solely by “thought,” using neurofeedback. Researchers from Collaborations Pharmaceuticals and King’s College London discover that they could repurpose their AI drug-seeking system to instead generate 40,000 possible chemical weapons. And NukkAI holds a bridge competition and claims its NooK AI “beats eight world champions,” though others take exception to the methods. And Kevin Pollpeter, from CNA’s China Studies Program, joins to discuss the role (or lack) of Chinese technology in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.