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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Nov 30, 2018

Andy and Dave discuss research from Hasani and colleagues that uses a natural method for growing a neural network, which they use to demonstrate that a 12-neuron network can be trained to steer and park a rover robot to a given spot. Jeff Hawkins and co-workers describe a new theory of intelligence, positing that every part of the human neocortex learns complete models of objects and concepts, resulting in a “thousand brains theory of intelligence.” The UK publishes a 2000+ page report on the state of AI industry in the UK. A technical paper asks whether multiagent deep reinforcement is learning the answer or the question. The books of the week include Sejnowski’s The Deep Learning Revolution, and Gerrish’s How Smart Machines Think. And the videos of the week include the Deep Learning Summer School series and Reinforcement Learning Summer School series.