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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Dec 13, 2019

Andy and Dave discuss OpenAI’s update to an earlier summary of how computational resources have increased to reach each new AI breakthrough. The National Transportation Safety Board releases its report on the 2018 deadly Uber self-driving vehicle crash. Nasdaq has enlisted the aid of machine learning to provide additional security to stock trades. Researchers use a GAN to GANalyze the aspects of “memorable” pictures, while other researchers use a GAN (SinGAN) to generate new pictures from a single image. Over 20 authors come together to publish a paper on tackling climate change with machine learning. Francois Chollet publishes The Measure of Intelligence. Horace He has provided OpenReviewExplorer to include the International Conference on Learning Representations 2020. And FRONTLINE examines the promise and perils of AI.