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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

May 31, 2019

Andy and Dave discuss a new IARPA program, Camera Network Research Data Collection, which intends to identify and track subjects across areas as large as six miles via a security camera footage of varying type and quality. DARPA announces the recipients of its Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N3) program, which includes efforts to read from and write to the brain. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center adds two new areas of focus: cybersecurity, and robotic process automation. Roborder, a provider of autonomous swarms of heterogeneous robots for border surveillance, will be running three pilot programs in Europe. Ford announced a team-up with Agility Robotics to launch a self-driving vehicle service by 2021, using Digit to deliver packages to doorsteps. The Computing Community Consortium and the Association for the Advancement of AI have made a request for comments on a draft of a “20-Year Community Roadmap for AI Research in the US.” In research items, Facebook AI, UT Austin, and UC Berkley announced research that uses “active observation completion” to demonstrate the emergence of look-around behaviors. And other research from UT Berkley explores the benefits of self-driving vehicles using “social perception” of the nearby drivers in order to gain additional information.

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