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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Jul 27, 2018

CNA’s expert on Russian AI and autonomous systems, Samuel Bendett, joins temporary host Larry Lewis (again filling in for Dave and Andy) to discuss Russia’s pursuits with the militarization of AI and autonomy. Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) has made no secret of its desire to achieve technological breakthroughs in IT and especially artificial intelligence, marshalling extensive resources for a more organized and streamlined approach to information technology R&D. MOD is overseeing a significant public-private partnership effort, calling for its military and civilian sectors to work together on information technologies, while hosting high-profile events aiming to foster dialogue between its uniformed and civilian technologists. For example, Russian state corporation Russian Technologies (Rostec), with extensive ties to the nation’s military-industrial complex, has overseen the creation of a company with the ominous name – Kryptonite. The company’s name – the one vulnerability of a super-hero – was unlikely to be picked by accident. Russia’s government is working hard to see that the Russian technology sector can compete with American, Western and Asian hi-tech leaders. This technology race is only expected to accelerate - and Russian achievements merit close attention.

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