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AI with AI: Artificial Intelligence with Andy Ilachinski

Nov 4, 2022

Andy and Dave discuss the latest in AI-related news and research, including a bill from the EU that will make it easier for people to sue AI companies for harm or damages caused by AI-related technologies. The US Office of S&T Policy releases a Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, which further lays the groundwork for potential legislation. The US signs the AI Training for the Acquisition Workforce Act into law, requiring federal acquisition officials to receive training on AI, and it requires OMB to work with GSA to develop the curriculum. Various top robot companies pledge not to add weapons to their technologies and to work actively at not allowing their robots to be used for such purposes. Telsa reveals its Optimus robot at its AI Day. DARPA will hold a proposal session on 14 November for its AI Reinforcements effort. OpenAI makes DALL-E available for everybody, and Playground offers access to both DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. OpenAI also makes available the results of an NLP Community Meta survey in conjunction with NY University, providing AI researchers’ views on a variety of AI-related efforts and trends. And Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth release the State of AI Report 2022, which covers a summary of everything from research, politics, safety, as well as some specific predictions for 2023. In research, DeepMind uses AlphaZero to explore matrix multiplication and discovers a slightly faster algorithm implementation for 4x4 matrices. Two research efforts look at turning text into video. Meta discusses its Make-A-Video for turning text prompts into video, leveraging text-to-image generators like DALL-E. And Google Brain discusses its Imagen Video (along with Phenaki, which produces long videos from a sequence of text prompts). The Foundation of Robotics is the open-access book of the week from Damith Herath and David St-Onge. And the video of the week addresses AI and the Application of AI in Force Structure, with LtGen (ret) Groen, Dr. Sam Tangredi, and Mr. Brett Vaughan joining in on the discussion for a symposium at the US Naval Institute.